Portrait photo of Gonzalvo III

When he left the first team at the age of 34, he helped the B side in their first division campaign in 1956/57 | FCB ARCHIVE

From the middle of the pitch he was able to demonstrate his superior qualities and vision. He possessed a good head and could also notch up a few goals to help the team along. His commitment to FC Barcelona during his lengthy spell was a tribute to his love of the city; having turned down enormous offers from Torino.

He left the club in 1957 at the age of 34 to strengthen the B team's squad for their top flight campaign of 1956/57.


Seasons at the club: 1942-55
Games played: 331
Goals scored: 56


5 Leagues (1944/45, 47/48, 48/49, 51/52 and 52/53)
2 Latin cups (1949 and 1952)
3 Spanish cups (1950/51, 51/52 and 52/53)
1 Gold cup (1945)
3 Eva Duarte cups (1948, 1952 and 1953)