Photo of  Francesc Calvet

When Calvet gave up football he returned to work in agriculture | FCB ARCHIVE

Francesc Calvet (Sant Joan Despí, Barcelona, 1921 - Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, 2001) was a member of the mythical Five Cup Winners of the 1951/52 season and one of Barça’s best ever full backs. He made his debut for the first team after the Civil War, during a very difficult time for the Club, which the strength of the players helped to resolve. Calvet was one of the quiet unassuming players that every great team needs.

He was a versatile player, who began playing as an inside forward and was also a midfielder before settling in at full back. His fighting character and spirit of sacrifice, as well as his hard tackling were his strong points, whilst his quiet and unassuming character off the field made him a very popular member of the Club. He never forgot his roots in the countryside and when he retired from the game, he went back to working the land.


Seasons at the Club: 1939-52
Games played: 238
Goals scored: 10


4 League Championships (1944/45, 1947/48, 1948/49 and 1951/52)
3 Spanish Cups (1941/42, 1950/51 and 1951/52)
2 Latin Cups (1948/49 and 1951/52)
2 Eva Duarte Cups (1948/49 and 1951/52)