La Masia, Centre de Formació Oriol Tort / FOTO: ÁLEX CAPARRÓS - FCB

The company in charge of the building work is MCM Renting, who are specialists in facades and suggested the glass design with the FCB initials on. The space between the two facades works as isolation for the building to improve energy efficiency, as well as improving acoustic isolation. The  glass façade and the fact that all rooms are exterior creates an airy light filled atmosphere that gives life to the building.

The building also has a green heart with a barbecue and trees and bushes planted in the space in front of the free time area as an entry to the pitches.

Two floors for future use

The basement area and the third floor are both reserved for future needs the Club may have and both are independent of the residential areas.

On the basement  floor, there are conference rooms, a kitchen and storage area, as well as the majority of the maintenance areas for the whole building . There are 40 rooms on the third floor, as well as massage rooms and a rest area.

Facilities to combine study and free time

The importance of the learning process is also clear in the building, with internet access throughout and three back up classrooms with the most modern of technologies, such as electronic blackboards and projectors. There are also study rooms on both the first and second floors.

It's not all hard work though, with an area containing a large screen TV to watch matches, pool tables, table football and plenty of space for the residents  to play games.