Skating school

Courses and levels

  • TOT 1 and 2: Initiation to and consolidation of basic techniques, from 4 to 8 years.
  • PRE-ALPHA: Initiation to and consolidation of basic techniques, from 9 years.
  • ALPHA: Forward crossovers.
  • BETA: Backward crossovers.
  • GAMMA & DELTA: Initiation to figure skating and spins.
  • FREESTYLE from 1 to 10: Advanced figure skating.
  • HOCKEY SCHOOL: Initiation and mastery of ice hockey techniques.



  • The School will provide skates for classes.
  • Comfortable clothing, gloves compulsory for everyone and helmet compulsory for under 12s.



  • The courses lasts for four months
  • Classes are one hour a week.
  • The School offers a wide range of times depending on age and skating level.
  • Free entrance for public sessions throughout duration of course with skate hire included.
  • Intensive courses in July.


MEMBERS € 239 per four month course

PUBLIC € 266 per four month course

From 2nd member of the family € 210 per four month course


For further information, call 93 496 36 31 from 16 to 20h, Monday to Thursday or send an email to