• Improvements will be carried out while continuing to hold matches. Members will not have to go to another stadium.
  • The increased capacity will allow many members on the waiting list to become season ticket holders.
  • Opportunity for members (relatives and/or friends) to group together in one location.
  • New seats with improved comfort.
  • Safer accessibility and mobility to the stands with wider and more accessible vomitories and aisles.

The stand remodelling

  • There will be changes in the allocation of seats. In 18 months, the Club will make a proposal in accordance with the new design of the stands.
  • Main changes:
    Fewer seats in the first tier, but with better visibility of the pitch and the stadium.
    The third tier will have more seats.
    The required increase of the aisle’s clear width will affect the capacity for each seating block.
    The capacity of each stand will be optimized in order to incorporate improvements.


Is the re-location process of season ticket holders from their current seat in Camp Nou to the New Camp Nou.

FCB’s Social Department has started reviewing the migration process, advised by an expert in stadium migration.

Priorities: Simplicity, ease and customization with a clear, fair and transparent process

This process will be guided by 5 defined values:

  • Detailed and periodic communication
  • Personalized assistance at the OAB to choose a new location, taking into account:
    Prices, features and services nearby.
    Location and view of the pitch from the seat, with 3D simulations
    Access route to the seat
    Mobility options from the seat
  • Family grouping and the needs for reduced mobility will be prioritized
  • Members can re-locate to group seats with other members or relocate to opt for different prices and/or services
  • When the migration process for the existing season ticket holders is concluded, members from the waiting list will select their seat from the remaining inventory.