Work is carried out on both preventative, curative, and rehabilitation of athletes as well as the medical evaluation for the improvement of sports performance.

It has a group of its own doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, podiatrists and massage therapists who are responsible for the implementation of health examinations (fitness for sport and evaluation of sports performance), diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries; developmental control of athletes in the growth phase as well as medical care of players residing in the Academy. All this work is carried out within the scheme of work of coaches and trainers from different club teams.

Agreement with Collegiate Health Care (Assistència Sanitària Col·legial)

Assistència Sanitària Col·legial, part of Grup Assistencia, is the club's official medical provider in the field of medical insurance and hospital services. The agreement with Assistència Sanitària Col·legial is valid until 30 June 2013 and links the two parties in providing services and sponsorship. Under this contract, FC Barcelona can use the facilities of the Hospital de Barcelona and assign to Assistència Sanitària Col·legial  a space next to the current 'Sports Medicine Centre FC Barcelona', where the insurer has a medical center.