Picture of children skating

Pista de gel, coneixements

Ice skating is very complete sport. It works all of the muscles in the body. As well as toning the legs, it strengthens the cardiovascular system and is a natural relief from stress. It is the thighs and buttocks that are exercised the most, but the arms and upper torso also get a good workout. Skating is good for developing both psychomotricity and concentration. In other words, it’s good for everything.

Aerobic activity, i.e. work with the heart and lungs to collect oxygen and carry it in the blood to cells in the body, has shown that skating is a better all-round exercise than pedalling. The aerobic benefits of skating, i.e. those that determine the effectiveness of an activity for strengthening and developing the muscles, are manifold. It has been demonstrated that the sport easily exercises the hips and legs, even the upper limbs and the back. And its most basic advantage is that anybody can skate on a fun level, and the amount of effort the skater puts into the practice depends on their fitness and skill. FCB’s own skating school is a fine example of this, for it includes people of all ages, from four years old right through to seniors.


The Rink and the facilities

The FCB ice rink is the biggest in Barcelona. Ice skating is a fun and different activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it a perfect outing for family and friends. Absolutely everybody is guaranteed a wonderful time!