Left to right, Tadao Kamei, Takeyuki Katsuya and Joan Pascual | FCB

The marquee by Francesc Mitjans, Josep Soteras and Lorenzo García Barbón inspired the façade of the New Camp Nou. The marquee disappears inside the stadium and reappears on the street side, inside out, forming the outer eaves, which then become the ceilings of the concourses, services and terraces, creating an open façade to the esplanade.

The New Camp Nou will be singular and unique, for it will be different, innovative and with a strong personality.

The winning team

The Japanese Nikken Sekkei company has been around for over 100 years and is one of Asia’s leading architectural and engineering studios. This company designed the Saitama Super Arena, the Big Swan Stadium in Niigata and the Tokyo Dome, all in Japan. This team is working with the Catalan studio headed by Joan Pascual and Ramon Ausió, who have a long and proven history of experience in Barcelona involving residential buildings, office blocks and hotels, such as Hotel Diagonal Zero.