Willian Ramos


William Ramos has been working professionally in web design, having worked with the Phoenix Suns and with the Boston Celtics. He is responsible for the development and implementation of new technology on Celtics.com and our other digital assets. He utilizes current design trends and programming languages to deliver high-quality web assets to engage with fans and learn how they use the site so the team can better market to them.



Responsive Design and Planning for the Mobile Web

As smartphones and tablets become more and more prominent in today's world, it is paramount that we tailor our web experiences to reflect the way that our fans are consuming content. From adjusting layouts to optimizing load times, designing for the mobile space has become an integral part of web design for the Boston Celtics. We've found that fans utilize sports teams websites differently than most other sites, so it's doubly important to serve fans exactly what they're looking for when they are using a small screen size. I will be speaking about the different ways in which we have adapted Celtics.com to fit our consumers' needs and what we've discovered in user trends after making our website responsive.