The Camp Nou is a stadium that holds collective and emotional memories; it is an icon of our city. It has become obsolete in many ways. 40% of the Stadium has not been renovated at all during its 57 years of existence and another50% has not been improved for 32 years.

• We need a modern, efficient and functional stadium, built with cutting-edge expertise and the latest technology.

• A stadium that enhances visibility for our members and fans who come to visit. That enables all members to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the playing field, the stands and the video markers.

• A stadium that is comfortable and that defies the weather: not obliging people to stay at home when it’s raining or windy. One that enables full enjoyment of the experience while seated comfortably.

• A stadium with better accesses and car parking facilities, that doesn’t require climbing the equivalent of eight floors. That has full services and of a sufficient variety. That can host world class international competitions.

• We need a new Camp Nou that can guarantee our capacity to compete with other leading clubs in Europe and under the same conditions. A stadium with facilities that classify us as an economically solvent club, with the capacity to keep investing in sports and, as such, maintaining its excellence with the best players in the world.

Therefore, the proposal we are making is not a facelift or the design for a superficial cosmetic improvement around the Stadium. It is a complete and profound transformation: the constructing of over 100,000 m2 of a new surface area and roof covering for all the stands (50,000 m2 enclosed).

Yet the proposal goes even further: it takes on a comprehensive scope that will upgrade the whole area, 20 hectares of the surroundings in Les Corts as well as the building of the new Palau, buildings for additional activities that complement the principal and sports activities (offices, restaurants, medical centre, gym, etc…), and a new Miniestadi in Sant Joan Despí. This transformation will enable us to bring our heritage to the fore - the best guarantee that Barça will be able to keep its independence.

This presentation puts forward the proposal for a new Camp Nou. It presents the new Espai Barça, the proposal to build the best sports complex in the world, in the centre of a great city. A proposal that, based on the structure of the stadium itself, projects it into the future through a series of transformations aimed at guaranteeing excellence in the quality of the camp’s services and that pushes the Stadium’s life well beyond the 21st century.