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Rafa Nadal Sports Centre

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Degree in Economics & Business Administration at the University of Barcelona.

P.D.D. (Executive Director Program) at IESE in Barcelona

He has hold managing positions in several companies in diverse industries with more than 25 years’ experience in multinational companies and wide experience in launching new projects and operational and strategic restructuring and strategy realignment.

He is currently the CEO of Rafa Nadal Sports Centre Centre, a just new opening complex, sited in Mallorca, which boasts simultaneously the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy by Movistar, American International School of Mallorca, Rafa Nadal Sport Residence, Sport Xperience by Rafa Nadal, Sport Health, Sport Time Fitness Centre, Wellness & Spa, Sport Café & Restaurant and Sport Shop.

Presentation Title

Rafa Nadal Sports Centre & Sport Xperience by Rafa Nadal: DECODE THE FUTURE OF TENNIS Developing Sport Competitive Attitudes and Values Through Innovation and Technology in a multipurpose sports facility and in the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar

Presentation synopsis

Rafa Nadal’s achievements are the fruit of values that have been conveyed to him by his team. Values such as hard work, discipline, overcoming adversity, honesty, friendship, commitment, humility and respect, amongst others, are synonymous with the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar and the Rafa Nadal Sports Centre, and are the pillars on which we base the education, training and overall development of the students, and the satisfaction of guests and clients.

Rafa Nadal Sport Xperience is an interactive space and museum where competition innovation and technology ensure enjoyment and satisfaction but also and most important visitors, tennis players and students can experience first-hand the skills and values of sport through attractions with state of the art simulators.

“The key to my achievements was more than just ‘talent’. It was the result of adhering to certain values without which I would not have had the consistency, discipline or the winning spirit to be successful. This can be taught, just as it was taught to me, and that’s why we have built the Academy and the Sports Centre” Rafa Nadal