Barça found out about the Palestinian children via Facebook | El periódico

The children of the Palestinian village of Kfar South, in the West Bank, lost the ball with which they were playing in the small open space next to the wall, which had just been finished in 2014. Amir, one of the children, struck the ball with so much power that it ended up on the other side of the fence, in Palestinian territory seized by Israel and from which Palestinians are banned. The Jewish soldiers patrolling the area would not return the ball to the kids, even though they were insisting for them to give it back.

The day they lost the ball, Yazan, a friend of Amir, published a post on Facebook describing what had happened. He stressed that they always played football in the same area, but until then had never sent it over the other end of the wall. Barça heard about this unique story in early February and sent a few balls to the Palestinian children.