The Masia 360 Method is an ordered procedure involving actions aimed at sporting and human growth and self-recognition among the athletes at Masia 360. It’s a systemic learning programme (including all areas of concern to the child: coaches, family, school, staff, tutors, emotional trainers) that begins the moment a talented young athlete arrives, each one bringing their own personality and nature.

The Method has three core action-based areas:


Practical and experience-based emotional education programme involving monthly interventions designed to provide instruments to athletes and their coaches. These instruments are the social and personal skills that they will all need in life: emotional awareness and self-regulation, self-esteem, empathy, fear control, positive communication, tolerance of frustration and dealing with loneliness, for example. The methodology is based on coaching in the emotional skills that will later be transferred to training and competition.


The style of play that identifies and differentiates Barça from all other clubs in the world. Barça DNA is a technical method that guarantees our own, distinctive style of play and specific attitudes on the pitch.


This is the Comprehensive Athlete Care Service, a network for protection and communication that supports, cares for and accompanies the athlete in all areas of life (school, training, tutorship, family, phycology, etc.) and that also supports the family and other professionals around that athlete. The idea behind SAIE is to make sure that the athlete is never alone.

The target is the legacy that Masia 360 wants to provide to all of its athletes: grooming their talent for professional and sporting success and giving them the right upbringing to make sure they grow into great people.

A great person is one who has emotional skills, which feed back into their talent and a self-motivated attitude. In fact, many studies have shown that success depends 80% on emotional brainpower (i.e. emotional intelligence). These are the kind of people that master such skills as emotional autonomy, courage, assertiveness, decision-making, respect, leadership, serenity, generosity and inner strength, and that are able to be comprehensive and authentic.

And all of this is to achieve a Barça Attitude, a way to be, a way of behaving on the pitch and also a way of getting through life.