Sven Krüger


T-Systems International GmbH

Position inside the company

Vice President Marketing Communications

Speaker biographi

After studying at Bonn University & UCLA, Sven graduated with a Master´s degree in Art History, English, and Political Science. He started his career as press officer for CIEE Germany. In 1998 he founded a pr & web design agency, before he worked for five years as senior consultant, project leader and coach. 2002 Krüger joined Deutsche Telekom, and took over responsibility for Telekom´s marketing strategy & planning for their business customers segment. Since June 2005 he held various management positions with T-Systems, Europe´s leading ICT-provider, where among other projects, he executed the sponsorings with Team Shosholoza in the 32nd America´s Cup, as well as the engagement with the BMW Sauber F1 Team in the Formula One series. In his actual role, Sven is responsible for global advertising and media, sponsoring, corporate events and trade shows, as well as the corporate image & design of the brand worldwide.

Presentation title

“Race against the machine: Massive change + endless potential ahead! What´s your strategy?”

Presentation synopsis

Today we use numerous camera perspectives to analyze game, team, players and to set up an almost real time strategy. Already available is technology to enhance these data with in-depth physical information about every individual in the team, allow for much more detailed statistics, and even accurate predictions. Apart from optimizing today´s real life gameplay with these gadgets, we can enhance a virtual reality experience in gaming and e-sports tomorrow! With almost 300 million followers, e-sports has become a massive economic factor. A huge market of potential customers, financially strong, mostly young and well educated. With augmented- and virtual reality technologies, soccer, amongst other sports, will leave the field and enter the living rooms, if not to say the very minds of gamers all over the world. And we have not even begun to talk about artificial intelligence & robotics…


Disruptive Innovation