Our president Narcís de Carreras said it in January 1968. Barça is more than a place of relaxation where we play football for 90 minutes.

More than that, it is a spirit that we have deeply rooted within us and colours that we love above all else. Ultimately, Barça is more than a club. It is a body with blood, heart and soul, a living entity and symbol that is faithful to a tradition of 117 years and revered by hundreds of millions of people around the world who love it because it represents something more than that the common practices of football.

In 1924, the board of directors at that time which was then presided by Joan Gamper published a 'Decalogue of the Barça member’ which ended with these words: “Think about and do not forget, Barça supporter, that your colleagues need to be proud of your dignified behaviour. And when you mention that you are a Barcelona fan, they will open all the doors for you”.

These small stories, true pieces of Barcelona’s background, are the examples which show that the defence of human and civic values has been a constant in the course of FC Barcelona’s history.

And so the people of Barça were understood and valued since the club’s creation. Therefore, even in the most extreme circumstances, there has always been someone who has hoisted the royal blue and maroon flag as a symbolic gesture of dignity and survival.