El Somni de Nujeen


The exodus of millions of people fleeing war and poverty remains one of the biggest challenges facing us as a society, and although the drama of the refugees has left the front page of today's news, it is still far from being solved.



Barça have made a firm commitment to this group in recent times, and through the Barça Foundation has launched initiatives and programmes for refugees in the hands of organisations such as UNHCR, Open Arms and the Red Cross.


In response to the commitment with the refugee population, and especially with refugee children, the Barça Foundation has developed a specific programme that aims to:


  1. Improve the perception of citizenship towards refugees
  2. Promote a decent life for the refugee population
  3. Improve the emotional well-being of children and youth refugees
  4. Promote sport as a tool for social transformation


To achieve this, the Barça Foundation has implemented the following actions:


  1. It has established an agreement with UNHCR to launch the signing and awareness-raising initiative #SignAndPass about the situation of refugees around the world, especially refugee children, to support the global campaign #Withrefugees
  2. In June 2017, an international forum was jointly organised with UNHCR, which was attended by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, where this serious global crisis was discussed with the goal of achieving the involvement of various figures in society and to show the importance of sport as a tool for social transformation and change in the refugee crisis. The forum also addressed how sport can help to promote change towards a positive narrative about refugees.
  3. Currently, it carries out on-site programs, in collaboration with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, to provide psychosocial support to refugees and help their integration in host communities, specifically in Greece, Italy and Lebanon.
  4. In its field programs, the FutbolNet methodology is used, which uses physical activity and sport as an agent for change for children and young people in vulnerable situations. FutbolNet promotes the values of FC Barcelona: effort, respect, teamwork, humility and ambition, based on the culture of cooperation, where values contribute to the development of the individual and the group, providing new experiences that facilitate the interaction and the relationship between the local community and refugees.
  5. One of the main objectives of the Barça Foundation is to foster awareness of the citizenship towards refugees. As it marks its strategic plan, the Foundation works to reinforce and increase the alliances and collaborations that allow the extension of its radius and potential action. In this sense, two projects are being implemented in collaboration with Proactiva OpenArms and the Red Cross, which aim to raise the Catalan population´s awareness of the refugee crisis.