Paul Power


Paul Power is a lead data scientist within Prozone Sports Performance.Lab with a focus on applying spatiotemporal data to drive new insight into the tactical and technical elements of soccer with the aim of impacting coaching behaviour and game performance. Creator of Game Intelligence, Paul applies complex dynamic systems frameworks to soccer to capture the dynamics of inter team and player interactions and consults to a number of the world leading soccer clubs and national associations.


Game Intelligence - Quantifying players off ball interactions in attacking and defending situations through spatiotemporal data

The ability to deny, create and exploit space as a player and team is a critical factor in football and differentiates between successful and unsuccessful teams. Current statistics fail to capture the dynamic interactions between players which are required only to capture the outcome not the process.

Through Game Intelligence a new analytical framework has been developed to capture both on and off ball interactions between players. Rooted in dynamic systems theory, Game Intelligence uses simple intra and inter player interactions such as speed, distance, and angle to create complex models. As a result it is now possible to identify the optimal passing options available for a player, the ability of a player to cope under pressure, the space created by a player, or the ability of a defender to cut out dangerous passing options.