Patullo played for Barça from 1910 to 1912 | FCB ARCHIVE

George Pattullo (1888-1953) was a Scotsman who defined the concept of the ‘sporting all-rounder’ to perfection. He arrived in Barcelona through family interests in the coal industry, and was a keen practitioner of a wide range of sports, including tennis, rugby, field hockey and football, the latter always as a goalkeeper. One Sunday in 1910, close to Badalona, Pattullo was playing a game with friends and things weren’t going at all well. His team was losing 5-1 at half-time, so he decided to come out of nets and join the attack, and did so to devastating effect: Pattullo’s side ended up winning 6-5 and the Scot scored all five goals in the comeback. A stunned Joan Gamper, who saw it happen, immediately snapped Pattullo up for FC Barcelona, and our man would go on to score 43 goals in 24 games for the club between 1910 and 1912.

Back in the United Kingdom, Pattullo received a telegram from Barcelona asking him to return immediately to play in the Pyrenees Cup semi-final between his former team and their biggest rival, Espanyol, on 10 March 1912. George was an amateur through-and-through and didn’t think twice about answering the call from his ex-teammates. He did so in an unusual way, by not letting the opposition know, while rumours spread at Barcelona of his much-awaited return. In the end, Pattullo played and scored two goals in Barça’s 3-2 extra-time victory.

Pattullo insisted on paying for everything out of his own pocket, including travel and accommodation, and when the club paid his hotel bill, he returned the money to the board of directors. Every last cent.