Company / Club

Villarreal CF SAD

Position inside the Company/Club

Assistant Fitness Coach and Tactical Analist

Speaker Biography

Pablo studied Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (CAFE) in Universitat de Valencia and he complemented his studies with the Degree of Physical Education for Primary School. To take advantage of this academic development, he decided to do the formation in football, obtaining Level 1 and Level 2 of trainer license during 2004 and 2005 respectively, and a master degree in Football, performed in Universitat de Valencia during the season 2004-2005.

But the great passion of Pablo is to work on the pitch, and he started his career as a fitness coach in several teams during the last university period in regional categories, like 3r Division and 2nd B Division in Spain. He gained his first training experience and experimented what the competition is, and all the variables you can find and study.

In 2009-2010 he started to work at Villarreal CF. His first experience was with the U’17 and the U’19 teams. One year later, in the 2010-2011 season, he started with the U’23 team in 2nd division. In this period he began to work with some different tools for tactical data analysis available at professional level. Since 5 seasons ago he is working with the professional team of Villarreal CF as assistant fitness coach and team analyst.

During this period, in collaboration with different technical staffs, he has done an introspective work about the model of playing he considers efficient. They have implemented this model with the XYZ analysis in a team that had very high performance seasons in La Liga, and later, in the Europa League. His main goal is to continue developing a system to educate players in a model of playing and this is one of the interests that Pablo is more devoted to during last years of his career.

Presentation Title

XY settings application to analysis and comprehension in a model of playing in football

Presentation synopsis

Football analysis has developed for the last 3 decades as one of the most important areas in professional structures. Technical staffs have evolved from working with paper and pencil to the latest research based on artificial intelligence, especially from the moment of the growth of tracking systems applied to professional football. Those systems helped analysts to add objectiveness to the different situations while playing.

Villarreal CF’s philosophy is based on a particular way of appreciating football and on a model of playing that is implanted from formation categories to high performance inside the club. As a result of the stability that the club offers, we can apply technology to the first team and then the findings can be extrapolated to youth teams.

By means of the daily training practice and the visualization of the matches, we have tried to highlight aspects of the different moments of the game inside our playing model that we consider relevant for the performance of the team, and which have a lot of importance during our weekly training program.

We have been able to define these situations and, by using FootMapp®, a video-edition application based on tracking data, we can identify those situations in the post-match analysis. This process allows us to correct those particular situations in the practice and edit and enrich video-edits in an understandable and visual way to educate our players in the model.

This is the starting point in a project that, while being developed, opens new horizons in the training and competition analysis and also in the way we can show this information to the players to make it easier to grasp in order to enable them to improve their performance.