Masia 360 is synonymous with support. There is no other word that better describes what we do. We support the player from the first day they arrive at the club and join the youth system, in relation to not just sporting but also their academic and personal development. We essentially train them for life, to ensure that they acquire the emotional skills that will be of such great help in all areas.

Once they are established athletes, we train them to understand what it means to be professionals in the sporting world. We train them with the intention of giving them the knowledge of what their profession is like, and making sure that they get the most out of this, for them and for the club. They must know all about the environment of professional sport: the club, relations with the press, finance, social networks, nutrition, marketing, etc.

The athlete is never alone

As the athlete advances as a professional and begins to see that their sporting career is reaching the end, so we prepare them and train them so that they know, through the club and its various departments, how to deal with that retirement. What we want is for the athlete to discover where they can bring value to society and/or to the club. This Professional Athlete Retirement Guidance Service programme will help them to accept and construct a new personal and professional life.