The Masia. Oriol Tort Development Centre is the residence for what are currently 76 of FC Barcelona’s young football, basketball, handball, roller hockey and futsal players, who have left their families and homes behind to come and live in a residential environment.

The professionals at the Masia. Oriol Tort Development Centre share the view of EDUCATION in the holistic sense, i.e. the comprehensive education of the residents in its different dimensions (intellectual, affective, social) and in the different contexts in which they participate: the residence, school, the sports team, the community, etc. The residence has its own teaching and management team that helps the residents to make their sports training compatible with academic, vocational and human affairs, showing concern for and responding to the residents’ different needs.

The educational principles sustained by our approach are: education is responsibility and autonomy, participation of residents, teaching of values, attitudes and standards, and integration in the environment. The method is that of personal tutored guidance for each resident, and education in relation to everyday life and interdisciplinary work.

La Masia has teaching staff who operate 24/7 all year round. Always having an educator to turn to at La Masia implies assuming responsibility for supervising and guiding the children living there. Tutorship is related to personalised care, which enables residents to play an active role in their own learning processes.