FC Barcelona’s values need to be present throughout our athletes’ itineraries. These values are respect, effort, humility, teamwork and ambition. At Masia 360, we believe that values and attitudes are learned, and so they need to be present in all agents of the training process (athletes, coaches and families). That’s because it is values and attitudes that forge the athlete’s personality.

One of the common denominators of the educational material that we offer is knowledge about the club, its identity, its history, its professional sections and its values. We are supported in this by the FC Barcelona Foundation, the different associations of former players and the FC Barcelona Museum.

Our challenge is for the boys and girls that form part of FC Barcelona to know about the events that have marked the club’s history, such as the first massive travelling support and expression of the Catalan identity on occasion of the European Cup Winners’ Cup in Basel and what it meant to win the first European Cup at Wembley in 1992, as well as what people like Luis Suárez, Ladislao Kubala, Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola did for the club. We also want the players in the different sections to learn about their own sports, such as Valero Rivera’s handball Dream Team, the first basketball Euroleague, the golden age of the roller hockey team and the recent decade of futsal success. That’s what FCB Identity is all about: getting to know the club better and being aware of the responsibility of forming part of the greatest sports club in the world.