The aim is to share spaces for reflection in which specific (professional and technical sporting skills associated to each sport) and general (personal and social skills) knowledge can be transmitted in a transversal way to our coaches, teachers and to the sporting environment (delegates, drivers, etc.) in each of the club’s five professional sections.

The service detects, assesses and agglutinates the training needs and specific skills required by our coaches and teachers in order for them to offer proper accompaniment to our athletes. The service seeks to organise training in a way that provides our coaches with the most appropriate tools to achieve the best results from grooming the talent of young people undergoing personal and sporting development at our club.

The first two training programmes to have been conducted since Masia 360° was set up have been the FCBCoaches Academy (a specific FC Barcelona course for the selection and training of FCBEscola coaching staff) and Training in the Prevention of Risk Situations in Sport. The service’s next actions will be focused on coaching coaches in emotional education, English for scouts and the option of being able to continue one’s education in the sporting and academic fields through agreements with universities in the United States.