Company / Club:

Major League Baseball

Position inside the Company/Club:

VP, Data & Analytics

Speaker Biography:

Don Vu serves as Vice President, Data & Analytics for Major League Baseball. In this role, Vu is responsible for analytics, data science and user research, overseeing how data science and machine learning are applied for a fan-centric approach to MLB products and services. Under his leadership, customer data from hundreds of MLB touch point sources have been securely consolidated into a single customer view. This innovative approach utilizes real time and batch big data pipelines to build large scale reporting systems and information services that can be utilized by MLB and its 30 Clubs to provide superior customer support and formulate and drive business initiative strategies. Prior to joining MLB through its technology company, MLB Advanced Media, in 2005, Vu worked for 15 years in data analytics for companies such as Atari, Scient, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Vu graduated from the University of Virginia with a BS in Commerce & Information Systems.

Presentation Title:

“It’s Right In Your Wheelhouse” – A New MLB Consumer Analytics Platform

Presentation Synopsis:

Major League Baseball and its 30 Clubs provide fans with hundreds of ways to interact and engage with the more than 2,500 MLB games played each season.  In order to continue to advance the league’s goal of providing superior customer experiences relevant across all touchpoints, MLB and the Clubs sought to revolutionize the league’s data sharing infrastructure by more deeply integrating digital and in-stadium data within a new analytics platform, with a robust set of analytical and customer-centric capabilities layered on top. 

In collaboration with a special Club Steering Committee, MLB and the Clubs launched the first phase of the Wheelhouse Data Analytics Platform in less than a year, creating a first-of-its-kind league-wide consumer-centric data store, aggregating a large, fast-moving, varied collection of consumer data spanning all areas of MLB’s business including Ticketing, Merchandise, OTT, Marketing, and Social Media. The platform currently houses more than 135 billion data points for more than 50 million fans.

In this session, MLB will introduce the Wheelhouse Data Analytics Platform and provide background perspective on the strategic and collaborative approach taken to design, build and execute a league wide approach to consumer data.