FC Barcelona’s reply to the letter sent by member Jaume Civit | ARCHIVE FCB

Jaume Civit presented the letter that the Club wrote in response (2009) | ARCHIVE FCB

On 12 September 1937, the soldier Jaume Civit was with his fellow cam enrolled in the 145th Mixed Brigade of the 44th Division of the Republic’s army, at Alcañiz (Teruel) fighting against Franco’s rebels. Despite the drama of the war, Civit wrote a letter to FC Barcelona requesting the team’s results from their tour of Mexico and the United States that summer. A few weeks later, on 3 November, the club responded with details of the results from the 14 games of the tour. Seventy two years later, in February 2009, Civit gave the letter back to FC Barcelona.

Born in 1912, Civit was made a Barça member in 1950 and when he gave the letter as a donation to club (2009) he was 96 years of age. In December 2013, at 101 years old, he called the Documentation Centre to inform that he wanted to cancel his membership. The OAB said they would try to convince him not to do it, because as a member for 63 years, he could receive exemption from payment. Mr. Civit died on 12 October 2015 at the age of 102.