Mario Cabanes in a match with FC Barcelona | FCB ARCHIVE

On 18 February 1934, Barça had to play a league match at Racing Santander. At the last minute, with the team already in Cantabria, striker Luis Miranda suffered an injury and manager Ferenc Plattko had no other option but to call Mario Cabanes, a youngster of just 20 years of age. Cabanes quickly got the train to Bilbao and then to Santander. But the train’s delay was significant and the boy was getting nervous. When the person next to him learned about the cause of his uneasiness, he quickly calmed him down by saying: “Do not worry, boy. Until I arrive, there will be no game. I am the referee”. The said person was referee Steimborn. The match finally started with all of the protagonists, but Cabanes had a bad debut, as Barça lost 3-1. After all that, the young striker did not have much of a career as the war led him to exile in France, where he played under a pseudonym. Over time, he became the prestigious doctor Cabanes, a noted medic who worked for the Spanish Tennis Federation and RCD Espanyol.