Antoni Ramallets wanted to help the club of his dreams | FCB ARCHIVE

At the beginning of 1961 Barça were in the middle of a severe financial crisis. On that day, four home-grown Barça players Antoni Ramallets, Joan Segarra, Sígfrid Gràcia and Martí Vergés, visited the Club’s offices on Via Laietana, 180. In front of the President Antoni Julià de Capmany, the Director and economist Fabià Estapé and the business manager Joan Gich, Ramallets, who acted as the spokesperson, said: «We know that Barça is going through economic difficulties. We want to say that all the money we have earned has been thanks to Barça so if you think that you need it we will lend it to you. You can pay us back whenever you can».

Many years later, Ramallets explained why they made such a surprising and altruistic offer: «All four of us were blaugranas from a young age, we played at the Club of our dreams and Barça had paid us every single cent. We had to do it».