Company / Club:

ACF Fiorentina

Position inside the Company/Club:

Assistant Coach & Sport Sciences

Speaker Biography:

Nacho Torreño (Madrid, 1976) started his career in football working as Fitness Coach in Reial Club Deportivo Espanyol de Barcelona, where he was from youth football (U-19) to first team with Mauricio Pochettino.

After that stage, he began a new professional adventure alongside Paulo Sousa, who works with him since 2011, creating and developing together a training methodology.  

Nacho has worked in several European clubs as Fc Videoton, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Fc Basel or ACF Fiorentina (currently), getting different championships and success in european competitions.

As Assistant Coach (UEFA Advanced Coaching badge holder) & Head Fitness Coach, his current role involves the organization and management of all members of the Staff, coordinating the multi-disciplinary team on a daily basis.

Nacho holds a Degree in Sciences for Physical Activity and Sport (INEF, Madrid), Master in High Performance Sport by the Spanish Olympic Committee, Master in Sport Sciences by the International University of Andalucía.

He is currently PhD Student in Sport Sciences by Pablo Olavide University, Sevilla.

Presentation Title:

How Technology Helps to Know Individual Responses in Our Game Model.

Presentation synopsis:

Football is a complex game, influenced by many aspects, some controllable and many others uncontrollable.

Today, there is a wide range of variety of technology used in football to record and monitor the players during training and official competition games.

Thanks to the combination of the technology used (GPS, HR, Video Analysis, sleep / wake information, etc) and data through it we get, we can know more accurately individual player response to our understanding of the game, and so we try to optimize individual player performance, reduce number of injuries, and as a result, improve our game model.

A game model that has evolved and adapted along the different Leagues and Clubs in which we work as a professional Staff.