Company / Club:


Position inside the Company/Club:

Team Manager (First Team)

Speaker Biography:

Started working at TSG Hoffenheim in 2010 while still studying at the University of Mannheim.

Before being announced in 2015 as the Teammanager of Hoffenheim’s first team, he worked in the achtzehn99 Academy as Assistant Coach and Coordinator.

Presentation Title:

Innovation and Education at TSG Hoffenheim

Presentation Synopsis:

Throughout the last years, TSG Hoffenheim has implemented several innovative technologies for example Footbonaut, Helix, Giant Screen and SAP Sports One. These technologies go into action in the daily training process as well as the match preparation to achieve possible advantages.

The presentation will give an overview in how the technologies are used together with the way they were implemented and linked to traditional working routines. Furthermore it will be taken into account which technology is mainly used in the youth academy to educate future players and which one helps the current First Team to prepare for the upcoming opponents.