Emil Walter playing for FC Barcelona | ARCHIVE - FCB

Emil Walter received assistance from the club after leaving a POW camp | ARCHIVE - FCB

Emil Walter was a German defender who was much adored by the FC Barcelona faithful, playing for the club between 1924 and 1931, the year he would return to his homeland. During the Second World War (1939-45) he fought as a sergeant in the Nazi army. In 1940, when the German troops reach the border in the Pyrenees, he appeared one day at the Montjuic stadium in his official motorcycle of the Wehrmacht, to greet a good friend of his, the owner of the house at Ronda de Sant Antoni where he had lived when he was a Barça player. In 1947, FC Barcelona helped Walter financially when he was destitute after leaving a camp of the allied forces. He died in Stuttgart at the age of 1952.