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Head of Sports Software

Speaker Biography:

Gareth Griffith has founded and run several successful software companies in fields ranging from film special effects and television graphics to sports data analysis. He has been working in Formula One for 10 years, developing race strategy tools for the World Championship winning Brawn Grand Prix and Mercedes AMG Formula One teams. The software is now widely used by teams and officials in Formula One, Formula E, the World Endurance Championship and many other series. His companies have twice won the UK Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation.  

Presentation Title:

Real-time Race Strategy in Formula One

Presentation Synopsis:

Gareth will talk about the use of data and video in Formula 1 race strategy. The talk will cover the various stages of planning and execution before and during a race weekend: The data feeds available to teams and officials; Pre-event planning and competitor analysis; Real time data analysis and performance prediction during practice sessions; Management of a qualifying session; Statistical modelling for detailed strategy and contingency planning; Real time tactical execution in the race.