FCB Detectius. Les botes d'or CAS


Malherbe’s only obsession is to put an end once and for all to Barça and everything that it represents. So he has sent his men to steal the boots that Koeman wore to score the winning goal in the legendary 1992 European Cup Final. But Malherbe doesn’t seem to know that if you mess with Barça, then you’re also messing with the FCB Detectives!

Long, Star, Capi, Erika and Benji are the best players at FCBEscola. But while training to become the Barça stars of the future, they also investigate some of the most amazing mysteries in the football history.

Will Malherbe get away with his dastardly plan? Who can save us from his wicked scheme? Yes, this has to be a case for the FCB Detectives!

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RRP: €14.95 / Primary and Teens / Catalan and Spanish