Company / Club:

FC Barcelona

Position inside the Company/Club:

Tracking & Monitoring Sports Scientist  |  BSc Sports Science  |  MSc High Performance in Sport Science

Speaker Biography:

I’ve been working in Strength & Conditioning in basketball last 10 years. Always interested and learning how technology can help to train smarter. Two years ago, began a new path of indoor tracking in FCBarcelona. And now, involved how the technology and physiology can be integrated in a practical approach.

Presentation Title:

Tracking through Ultra Wide Band tech

Presentation Synopsis:

Sports tracking systems are growing up very fast. Ultra wide band (UWB) tech are useful tracking system that allow teams to track players in closed conditions, furthermore, with more accuracy than Global Positioning System (GPS). FC Barcelona, wants to seek for the best system to track their players, by the moment, it seems that UWB could be the best.
With that, we could use the tracking data to help team in decision-making process.