How much will the project cost?

The New Espai Barça proposal has anticipated costs of around 600 million euros. The new Camp Nou will cost 420 million euros. The remaining 180 million will be divided among the following concepts: 90 million for building a new Palau with 10,000 seats that will enable it to compete in the Euro league, a new Minipalau of 2,000 places and a new ice rink. A further 40 million will be for an underground car parking area with 5,000 spaces that will improve safety and convenience and will free up surface area to create a huge leisure area. A further 30 million euros are to build the additional buildings such as new and more modern offices, a new social headquarters, an area for fan clubs, a new auditorium, the Casal de l’Avi, lockers and green spaces that open up into the surrounding district. Lastly, the remaining 20 million will be for urban infrastructures and the building of a new Miniestadi in Sant Joan Despí.

How will it be financed?

With a solid financing plan, funded mainly (€400 M) through Club resources, resources generated by the project itself and sponsors (Stadium Surname). Also, when the current loan has been paid off, the Club will be in a very healthy financial asset position to be able to finance itself with a new syndicated loan solely for the project (€200 M) to be paid off in 4 years, on completion of the works.

This means the financing plan will cover a period of eight years, from 2017 to 2024, without having to ask for extra payments from members or affecting the sports project in any way.

How will it affect our sporting excellence?

The proposal for the New Espai Barça will NOT affect the scheduling of the first football club, nor, therefore, our striving for sporting excellence. Under no circumstances will it jeopardise the sports project. The new Espai Barça has been conceived, formulated and planned in such a way as to not affect the team while works take place. Afterwards, the revenue increase generated by remodelling our facilities will significantly boost our resources to be able to keep investing in improving our teams, our youth and the Masia.

How many members will keep the same seat?

Most members will keep the same seat in the new Camp Nou. However, the Club will put forward a straightforward and clear process to allow members to request grouping with family members or friends or to change areas in the new Stadium. Members who might be affected by the improvements to the tiers will have the chance to choose a new seat and with priority in the managing of the new seating.

In addition, it must be highlighted that these members will see a significant upgrade to their seats. Members located in the 1st tier, under the roof covering of the 2nd tier, will have significantly improved visibility. Also, all members who are not under cover and have had to put up with weather conditions will also experience an upgrade.