Dídac Lee i Hising

Dídac Lee (Figueres, 15 January 1974; member 93.427) studied computer engineering at the UPC and took a postgraduate degree in business management by the UPC and PDG at the IESE. He is a major entrepreneur, having founded 15 companies and being Delegate Councillor for Inspirit, a group of technology and innovation companies (Online Marketing, Security, Ecommerce, etc) present in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Silicon Valley, among others. He received the best technological entrepreneur award from the University of Cambridge, the National Internet Award from the Generalitat de Catalunya and was recognised by the IESE as one of the most influential entrepreneurs aged under 40 years. He was recently named the Best Mentor of Startups by the Founder Institute, the biggest startup incubator in the world. In the previous Board of Directors, Lee was the head of New Technologies (online, social networks, etc), a strategic area for the future development and growth of the Club.