Speaker Name:

Daniel Brusilovsky

Company / Club:

Golden State Warriors

Position inside the Company/Club:

Digital Initiatives Lead

Speaker Biography

Daniel Brusilovsky is the Digital Initiatives Lead for the Golden State Warriors, focused on digital & technology innovation and emerging technology. He is also a co-founder of imoji, the largest sticker library in the world. Prior to joining the Golden State Warriors, Daniel was the Head of Business Development & Growth at Ribbon, a San Francisco-based payments startup. He has also spent time at Highland Capital Partners, JESS3, Qik and TechCrunch. He also founded and was CEO of Teens in Tech Labs from 2008-2014.

Presentation Title:

The Innovation Engine at the Golden State Warriors

Presentation synopsis

Technology changes every day, and it’s important to stay on top of trends to make sure you’re always innovating and providing the best experience. In today’s mobile-first world, the Golden State Warriors are always looking at new technology to elevate the fan experience both in venue and at home. Technology like virtual reality, beacons, indoor wayfinding are just a few of the technologies that live in the “Innovation Engine” at the Golden State Warriors.