Francesc Coma Vives was a Barça player who served in Morocco (1921) | ARCHIVE FCB

FC Barcelona player Francesc Coma Vives (1918-27) fought in the Morrocco war in the year 1921, a few weeks after the Disaster of Annual, with some 8,000 Spaniards dead at the hands of the Riffians on 22 July of the same year. By the end of the year, the Board of Directors of FC Barcelona, presided by Joan Gamper, agreed to give to members of the club (a total of 23, including Coma) a Christmas present “in order to remember the club they belong to”. It consisted of a bottle of Anis del Mono, one of Jerez, a cognac, two nougat bars, canned meat, a packet of biscuits, a box of milk chocolate, five packs of tobacco and five cigars.