Chuck Lukaszewski


Chuck is an architect in the CTO Office at Aruba Networks, an HP Company. His focus is on maximizing performance of very high density environments. He joined Aruba in 2007, and has been engineering and deploying large-scale 802.11 networks for 10 years. He has built Wi-Fi systems in stadiums, seaports, rail yards, manufacturing plants and other complex RF environments. Chuck is the author of validated reference designs for High Density Wireless Networks and Outdoor MIMO Wireless Networks. Most recently, he served as the chief engineer for the Levi’s Stadium Wi-Fi deployment which serves live video and other online amenities to over 70,000 fans.



How to Use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to Increase Revenue and Delight Fans

Pervasive Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies are delivering new revenue streams and fan experiences in a variety of large public venues, including stadia and arenas and convention centers. Mr. Lukaszewski will explain how these technologies work, and show examples of how they are powering new and innovative applications that help deliver a unique experience for the fan.