Arthur Witty and Joan Gamper in a historical photograph.

Arthur Witty was one of the first players in FC Barcelona history, and also one of the most notable and versatile. He held membership card number 2 and shared the captaincy with Joan Gamper. He played for the club between 1899 and 1905 in a number of different positions for the first two years, including midfield and anywhere in the five-man attack.  From 1902 to 1905 he became established as a left-back, which would be his position until his retirement. From 17 September 1903 to 6 October 1905 he not only played for the team but was also club president.

And judging by his four golden rules for football, which he claimed to always observe word for word, Witty was also a huge proponent of fair play:

- Play well and nothing else. Never speak, and much less speak to the referee or argue with him.

- If you lose it’s because the other team played better, so shake their hands.

- If you get hurt, get up. Keep going.

- Act like a gentleman at all times.

Four rules or pieces of advice that thoroughly deserve to be remembered and applied today.