Bartomeu Terrades, treasurer of the FC Barcelona | FCB ARCHIVE

On 27 December 1900, the first ordinary assembly in FC Barcelona history was held. Just over a year after their foundation, the club had 51 members, all of whom were players, as the notion of the member-spectator had yet to exist. Among the agreements made that day, gratitude was expressed to playing member Otto Maier for kindly donating a complete first aid kit. It was something well within Maier’s means, for he was the owner of Casa Hartmann, a company that sold medical products.

At that assembly, treasurer Bartomeu Terrades reported financial losses, a problem that was quickly solved thanks to payments made by the people in attendance. In those heroic early years of FC Barcelona, this kind of thing was common practice: if there was ever a negative balance, they would sort it out by the simplest methods, by simply passing a hat around the members present at the assembly. That was a clear advantage of being a club of friends.