Alfonso Mur


Alfonso began his professional career with Deloitte back in 1990 in the IT Risk area. Since 2002, he has been the Partner Director of this department which is composed of more than 450 professionals. He was the partner in charge of the financial risk services in EMEA from 2008 to 2012 and he is a member of the Executive Committee for the risk practice in EMEA. He belongs to the global coordination group for Deloitte’s cybersecurity services. He has rendered internal control and security assessment services in the computing environment, as well as diagnose, design and implement security services and solutions for key financial and insurance companies. He has also lea several fraud prevention and detection projects, as well as money laundering prevention projects.



The importance of online reputation in the sports industry

The opportunities sports offer in a digital environment are boundless and most of them lie in Social Media. Social media analysis allows the examination of both personal branding - as is the case with players having relevant presence on social networks - and Twitter campaign measuring. In addition, it is possible to know who the biggest influencers are and those who are emerging, have conversations and controversial users under control, measure online reputation and/or control in real time the speed of a certain conversation after public appearances.

Sportsmen, influential figures in sports, brands and institutions are the key players in this ‘digital market’ that is examined and can be known first-hand by these people, who give feedback to each other. These players must understand that image is also managed on the Internet and must be aware that any statement or public appearance has an impact on online media. In order to examine this digital universe, real data, set out cases and business cases will be supplied. These will facilitate the understanding of the whole examined sports perspective from the digital reputation point of view which has a direct impact on business.