1. The competition is open to all users of the mobile app Instagram worldwide over 18 years old.


January 15th, 2013 to January 20th, 2013, both inclusive.


1. The theme of the contest is "Show your Barça", ie, users should take pictures of everything related to FC Barcelona, the club, its identity and values, and share them on the network Instagram.

2. To identify the participation in the contest users must identify his photograph with the hashtag #IgersFCB in its description when publishing it on Instagram. No other registration to any application is required.

3. Only pictures that meet the theme of the contest and include the hashtag in the description enter contest.

4. The contest is valid for all the pictures taken and uploaded from 15th January and January 21th, 2013 at 23:59 hours to Instagram with the tag #IgersFCB, and fulfilling the established theme.

5. Pictures taken outside of these dates won’t enter the contest.

6. Each user can participate with as many photos as wanted within the contest dates.

7. FC Barcelona staff members will decide and select the three (3) winners among the ten (10) photos with more votes at the end of the action. The photos will be chosen for their aesthetic value and fidelity to the theme of the contest.

8. On January 23rd, FC Barcelona will contact the winners via Instagram, leaving a comment on the winning photos, and/or the channels FC Barcelona consider appropriate.

If the winners are not possible to contact within two days, the organization shall be relieved of any liability and may choose another winner.

9. The prize for the three (3) winners is a jersey of FC Barcelona and a special entrance to the Camp Nou in the match FC Barcelona - Sevilla, on January 27th 2013, for the first live streaming game broadcasing in Instagram, from the FC Barcelona Instagram profile.

10. Winners will receive a brief training for shooting before the game, along with a tour of the areas allowed to broadcast the match.

11. During the match, the winners will be accompanied by a staff member of FC Barcelona.

12. The prize can not be exchanged for cash value.

13. Travel costs to Camp Now and subsistence related to this contest shall be borne by the winners.


1. Photos that violate the foundations established, or still following them may infringe personal rights, or may be offensive or discriminatory will be disqualified.

2. Also, FC Barcelona reserves the right to disqualify the photographs it considers in its sole discretion unwelcome.

3. Participation in the competition implies that the participant has an account on Instagram and respects the conditions of this network

4. The organization also reserves the right to report and request the removal of the picture, if some image violates personal rights, is offensive or discriminatory.

5. Contestants grant the rights of his photographs image for FC Barcelona to use them in any of the channels of communication and publication necessary.

6. Acceptance of prize for the winners is to consent to the organization to use their name and image for advertising in promotional material related to this campaign.

7. Participation in this promotion implies full acceptance of these rules and submission expresses interpretative decisions made thereof FC Barcelona.


1. Participants agree, by participating in the contest in Instagram that the contents and comments are to be published in this network can be shared with other users of Instagram and other social networks

2. Participating in a competition of this nature implies acceptance of the rules of Instagram.


1. FC Barcelona reserves the right to cancel any involvement or any participant, if they have suspicions of improper handling of the data or the competition.

2. FC Barcelona reserves the right to reject or exclude from participation in the contest and in general promoting any participant who does not meet the requirements described in these rules and terms of participation or contravenes or purpose of the contest rules.

3. FC Barcelona is not responsible for any loss of data due to problems of email and/or malfunction of Instagram or internet.

4. FC Barcelona also excludes any liability for damages of any kind that, despite the security measures, may be due to the misuse of services and content by users, and in particular, although not exclusively, for damages or losses of any kind due to the impersonation of a third party by a user on any kind of communication through the portal.

5. Similarly, the organization is not liable for damages of any kind due to misuse, tampering or mutilation that unauthorized users or others might make about the general content of this page, as well as the violation of the rights intellectual property that may occur due to lack of compliance with the requirements of this site.