Camp Nou Experience: Magic Moments to share

Amongst the extensive cultural and tourist attractions that Barcelona has to offer, one of the highlights is the quality of its museums. There are plenty of examples but there is one that delights the young and old alike: The Camp Nou Experience. At the moment the Camp Nou Experience is the most visited museum in Catalonia and the third most visited in Spain with more than 1.5 million people annually passing through its doors.

The essence of the museum from its early incarnations has been maintained but these days the experience goes much beyond that of a traditional museum. The latest advances in technology and the emblematic backdrop of Barça’s stadium make the Camp Nou Experience one that will live long in the memory.

With the Camp Nou Experience the visitors will have the unique opportunity to stand open mouthed with emotion as they undergo a tour of the stadium’s most famous areas: the pitch itself, the players’ tunnel and the souvenirs of the Club’s history in the museum itself, including a special area dedicated to Leo Messi’s many achievements. There are also spaces dedicated to the Champions League victories at Wembley, Paris and Rome as well an impressive multimedia area with spectacular projections and various touch-sensitive screens through which visitors can experience the Club’s 115 year history interactively.

This offer is complemented with the Stadium’s terraces and cafes where visitors can enjoy the Club’s gastronomic products as well as the FCB Megastore, the biggest Nike Barça store there is!

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