A picture of Bruce Springsteen concert at the Nou Camp last May.

A picture of Bruce Springsteen concert at the Nou Camp last May. | www.fcbarcelona.cat

The Camp Nou stadium underwent a total transformation for last May’s Bruce Springsteen concert.

The organisation process was a long and meticulous one, but everything went ahead to perfection. The stadium was a hive of activity both before and after the event in order to everything assembled and disassembled to schedule.  

On May 8, following the final game of the league season against Espanyol, work immediately began on getting ready for The Boss’ show on May 14. The adverse weather conditions did nothing to help matters, especially on the first few days, when it rained solidly all day long. But unperturbed by such difficulties, the organisers still managed to get everything ready on time.

The assembly required 9,000 m2 of protective covering for the turf and the tartan around the edge. And as soon as the show was over, work immediately began on the two-day process of dismounting the infrastructure.

The stage on which Springsteen and his band performed was positioned at the South Goal, while the audience of 65,464 was spread around the terraces and on the pitch itself, with 15,277 fans on the latter. The hosting of the event required a staff of no fewer than 1,400 people in the Camp Nou.