FCBVIP match exclusive packs plus, premium, excellence

With the FC Barcelona Hospitality Program you can enjoy games at Camp Nou from a set of exclusive seats which come with a full range of unique privileges.

These services include catering and drinks, access to VIP lounges, hostess services...

For greater exclusivity, we would like you to enjoy more of the unique experience of Camp Nou, and so we offer a range of complementary packs which provide some very special services for each match.

FCB hostessa

Match day Plus

The Hospitality Program extends its services outside of Camp Nou offering a private chauffeur service and hostess to bring you to the stadium and make your visit more comfortable and personalized.

Match day Premium

Enjoy a 360º experience on the same day as the match. The Hospitality Program offers you the possibility to extend the Match Day Plus service with a guided tour of the museum  world’s most  visited sports museum: the FCB Museum*.

*This service is not available for Champions League matches.

Match Day Excellence

The most exclusive complementary pack: experience the match accompanied by a former FCB player. They will welcome you to the museum and show you all the sights while explaining their experiences at  FCB. You will also be able to enjoy the presence of the former player in your VIP seats throughout  the  match sharing experiences, discussing the game, etc*.

*Museum visit is not available during Champions League matches.